Sumit Sharma

Partner - Head of Health & Life Sciences, Asia Pacific
Sumit is a Partner based in Singapore, and is the Head of the Health and Life Sciences practice in Asia Pacific. He has an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with prior educational background in international business and economics. He has worked in healthcare for 16 years.
Consulting has been my passion and I have worked around the world across all major regions and in multiple industries. What drew me to Healthcare was the immense opportunity to transform lives in developing markets – to not only learn from what others have done, but also to accelerate the growth in high growth regions like Asia, which has a real need for better systems and outcomes.

Sumit has over 16 years’ experience in consulting and industry P&L management across diverse geographies including Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Emerging Markets. He has led dozens of projects across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, providers, healthcare IT, private equity and sovereign wealth funds. He has functional focus on strategy, corporate development, and strategic operations. In his personal time, he enjoys playing cricket and loves whiskies. 

I have lived in Singapore for 4 years and the pace of change here has been incredible. We have the opportunity for real impact – and I see new markets like Indonesia, Vietnam and India rapidly becoming global foci for many key investors and multinationals.