Emarat Al Youm: Anshu Vats On The UAE’S New Remote Work Visa

The United Arab Emirates announced that overseas remote working professionals could live in the Emirates while continuing to serve their employers in their home country. The decision comes as part of the evolving landscape and nature of work that has emerged with the onset of COVID-19.

Anshu Vats, Senior Partner and Global Public Sector and Policy Practice Lead, commented in UAE Arabic daily Emarat al Youm that in the UAE, both soft infrastructure in terms of policies and quality of life as well as physical infrastructure is world-class. This together creates an ideal work environment for the nomadic knowledge worker. Anshu added that the announcement would not only benefit the country but also provide a viable, sustainable base to an increasing number of freelancers and nomadic knowledge workers. “We have seen nomadic workers increasing at a steady rate of 7-8% CAGR since 2010 reaching a significant boost during the pandemic”.

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