Omnia Health: Highlighting Digital Health Implications For Health Insurers

At its peak – during the first COVID-19 wave – GCC health providers reportedly saw up to 30 percent of patient encounters shift to some form of digital interaction – phone, video, sometimes even email.

Though these numbers have gone back down, many GCC health providers still report stable telemedicine ranges between 10-15 percent, highlighted Dr. Sven-Olaf Vathje, Partner and Head of the Health and Life Sciences Practice in an interview with Omnia Health Magazine. “This compares with virtually non-existent telemedicine before the pandemic. COVID-19 has accelerated a nascent, steady trend towards digital health,” he said. “We are seeing adoption rates today that many experts would have expected only by 2030.”

Read the full article for implications for health insurers as outlined by Dr. Vathje.