Hotelier Middle East: Dubai Expo Great Opportunity To Showcase Post-Pandemic World

The Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled to commence on October 1, 2021 after being pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Lasting for six months, the mega-event will bring together local and international travelers to experience more than 190 country pavilions all coming together to celebrate the achievements of their nation under the theme of 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.'

Speaking to Hotelier Middle East, Matthieu de Clercq, Public Sector and Policy partner at Oliver Wyman, noted, "Expo is a great opportunity to showcase the post-pandemic world and address the many challenges from recovery to sustainability and inclusive development. The tourism and hospitality industry is in a unique position to address those challenges. Beyond adopting various recognized health standards and protocols, hoteliers can think about new business models that can allow them to address some of the challenges brought about by the pandemic; such as hybrid meeting room facilities, smaller venues for smaller group events, extended stay packages and others."

Following the conclusion of Expo, the site will transform into District 2020, described as a 'human-centric smart community.' De Clercq also shed some light on how this transformation could benefit hotels for years to come, "The long-term impact of Expo 2020 on the hotel industry will primarily be linked to the urban landscape and infrastructure that will be left behind as a legacy once the event is over.”

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