CNBC Arabia: Abhishek Sharma Speaks About The Lasting Effect Of COVID-19 On Workplace Practices And Behaviours

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In an interview with CNBC Arabia, Abhishek Sharma, Partner for Public Sector at Oliver Wyman talks about the new report by Oliver Wyman and a team of leading behavioral science experts, titled Shaping the New Normal: Changing Working Practices for Good, explores five working practices that have been formed or altered throughout the past 6 months in response to COVID-19 that organizations may seek to preserve and promote even after the pandemic subsides. Here are the key messages from the interview:

  • There are two factors: the standard measures taken by companies to ensure a safe environment, and the number of practices taken by companies to introduce new routines
  • There are many positive aspects of working from home - achieving efficiency that saves time and the effort of commuting. We might see companies return to old norms according to their business models
  • To maintain new, positive organizational behaviors that have emerged as a response to the COVID-19 crisis, there are at least three components that need to be in place in order to make the new routines or practices stick. By instilling a cue trigger, implementing routines and rewards and ensuring the repetition of activities embedded over a sustained period of time; organizations can benefit from beginning to execute this framework today, and continually updating their findings as their employees adapt over time

CNBC Arabia is a leading pan-Arab television news channel broadcast in Modern Standard Arabic. The channel is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

CNBC Arabia: Abhishek Sharma Speaks About The Lasting Effect of COVID-19 on Workplace Practices and Behaviours