Sky News Arabia: Matthieu De Clercq On The Main Challenges To Food Security

Sky News Arabia hosted Oliver Wyman partner Matthieu De Clercq for his views on challenges to food security in the Arab region and how technology can help overcome those challenges.
The interview was based on the launch of our World Government Summit report on food security titled, ‘Sustainable and Resilient Food for Future Generations’.
Key points from the segment:
1. The following are the main challenges for our resources:
• Over population
• Individual move to cities
• Climate change

2. We see improvements in domestic agriculture, but more are required to meet increasing demand. We need to consider new technologies for food production
3. Many countries around the world today are trying to find multi-tiered solutions to bridge the demand-supply gap - by investing in local products, increasing diversity and involving the private sector

To view the entire (Arabic) news report, please click here.