CNBC Arabia: Matthieu De Clercq On The Launch Of Oliver Wyman’s Report On Food Security

Oliver Wyman partner Matthieu De Clercq was interviewed by CNBC Arabia to discuss the launch of World Government Summit report on food security titled, ‘Sustainable and Resilient Food for Future Generations’.

Key points from the segment:

  1. We have to change production and consumption trends to ensure that everyone is getting enough quantity and quality food
  2. The main challenge with food security is that it has a strong association with the global economy. You could have a strong economy, a robust energy sector and even your own desalination plants, but when it comes to food, you rely on other parties. Food is often imported from other countries, and governments need to establish regulated systems through supply chains aligned with the right security procedures. So governments have a key role in ensuring all these elements. Along with promoting investments, we need to introduce new technologies and new forms of crops and food with protein, that can be embedded into the supply chains. Counties across the region must collaborate to ensure sustainability of food for everyone

To view the entire (Arabic) news report, please click here. The Oliver Wyman segment begins at 43:42 minutes.