Financial Times: Roianne Nedd On The Role Of Diversity Officers

Jan 26, 2021

Roianne Nedd, Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity, spoke to the Financial Times for its special report on Business and Society on the role of diversity officers.

The Financial Times noted that the wave of anti-racist protests in 2020 marked a turning point for many organisations, with chief diversity officers tasked with overcoming workplace discrimination in a range of areas.

Roianne highlighted the need to measure real success going forward. She said that if they do not force their workplaces to reckon with hard truths, diversity executives become “glorified event planners. I’ve long said that this is the only area of work where people seem to think that putting events and conferences on sporadically is a measure of success.”

The coronavirus pandemic has, she added, underlined a divide between diversity professionals “who truly believe that inclusion is a fundamental business imperative versus those who felt it was more of an almost social, bringing-people-together imperative”.

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