CIO Look: Lisa Quest Discusses Combatting Terrorist Funding And Money Laundering For A Better World

In an interview with CIO Look, Lisa Quest Partner and Co Head of Anti-Financial Crime, EMEA, discusses the industry and the strides the Anti-Financial Crime platform is making.

Not only is Lisa conducting ground-breaking research and publishing numerous white papers on the topic, she is also helping governments across Europe to design and set up more effective national frameworks to combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

In the interview, Lisa gives an overview of her role and career, including her journey at Oliver Wyman, tackling competition in the market, and the challenges she has overcome in the corporate world.

“One of the biggest challenges is navigating a system that was not designed to suit a non-standard career path that balances both family priorities as well as other areas of interest. … What made a real difference for me was finding the right sponsors who have helped me shape and accelerate my career on my own terms.”

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