Financial Times: Helping Employees Recharge

Dec 3, 2020

Oliver Wyman is mentioned as one employer who is finding new ways to help support employees during COVID-19.

At the start of the pandemic, many companies launched online talks by wellbeing experts, digital meditation apps, or other programs. As the months progressed, some employers tried to encourage employees to recharge by taking days off, having meeting-free days or taking daily breaks to ensure employees got outside and away from their desks.

Oliver Wyman, a consultancy, has recently launched paid “recharge days”, which are taken at the same time by all employees in a region.

In November Oliver Wyman introduced a digital app called Balance, a weekly digital survey that asks staff about their work — the spotlights and challenges. Gemma Porter, the consultancy’s global wellbeing manager, says “as a business we can determine themes. It’s anonymised but you can also select that you want to be named and a specific concern can be addressed. It gives people another channel to give feedback.”

To read the entire article titled, “Remote Work: How Are You Feeling?” can be read here.