Media Reports on Oliver Wyman Forum Global Cities AI Disruption Index

Oct 8, 2019

Oliver Wyman Forum launched a new index examining which of 105 cities are prepared for artificial intelligence.  The Index has been written about in several publications.

Quartz, “Even the world’s most advanced cities aren’t ready for the disruptions of artificial intelligence” -- Artificial intelligence is being used on everything from facial recognition to autonomous vehicles, but cities aren’t ready for the job loss and upheaval this technology is expected to generate. To read the entire article, click here.

The Straits Times, “Singapore tops list of 105 cities most ready for AI disruption, new index shows” -- Singapore’s strong planning helped earn it the top rating in a global city ranking of how well cities are prepared for the disruption of artificial intelligence. To read the entire story, click here.

Axios, "Cities aren't ready for the AI revolution" --Many cities are using technology to become “smart cities’” or to compete with Silicon Valley, but most are not panning for the downsides of the rise of automation.  Read the entire article here.

To learn more about the Global Cities AI Disruption Index, please click here.