Financial Times: Investing In Skills In The Asset Management Industry

Jan 21, 2019

In a story on redundancies in the asset management industry, the Financial Times explains that fund management jobs worldwide are under threat and many staff have begun 2019 by looking for new opportunities.

In light of recent job cuts, Christian Edelmann, co-head of EMEA financial services, told the Financial Times he expects further lay-offs in the months ahead. He says many long-term plans will look less at spending and more at how a company can adapt to industry trends.

“It’s all about who has the skills for the future in your existing workforce,” he says.

“We would say 30 per cent of workers have the skills for the future, another 40 per cent will need to be retrained and the rest will not be able to be retrained.

“That’s where the redundancies come from — it’s primarily a shift in skills.”

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