New York Times: Jeremy Lim On Singapore’s Healthcare System

Apr 22, 2019

Oliver Wyman partner Jeremy Lim was quoted in a New York Times story about Singapore’s health care system.  The system is sometimes held up as a model of healthcare systems around the world, however it has unique advantages that may not be applicable in other markets.

“Singaporeans recognize that resources are finite and that not every medicine or device can be funded out of the public purse,” Lim said.

He added that a high trust in the government “enables acceptance that the government has worked the sums and determined that some medicines and devices are not cost-effective and hence not available to citizens at subsidized prices.”

“There is careful scrutiny of the ‘latest and greatest’ technologies and a healthy skepticism of manufacturer claims,” Dr. Lim said. “It may be at the forefront of medical science in many areas, but the diffusion of the advancements to the entire population may take a while.”

To read the entire article, titled What Can the US Health System Learn From Singapore?, please click here.