Financial Times: Small Suppliers Buckle Up For Brexit Blow To Logistics Chain, Comments David Stewart

Oct 8, 2018

In an article on the future of the aerospace industry and Brexit, the Financial Times explains that small British independent suppliers face an uncertain future.

Brexit, it explains, is threatening to break the regulatory framework that guarantees business to small aircraft part suppliers, and there is currently no alternative arrangement in place.

With just six months to go before the formal EU departure date and no firm agreement in place, David Stewart, partner, Oliver Wyman, commented, “Will [smaller companies] have the cash and financial strength to build up inventory to support a slower supply chain? Will they have the resources and cash to cope with additional paperwork arising from Brexit? Some will and some will not.” 

He added, “[Small] companies will likely have less flexibility than larger firms to react to a peak of activity catalysed by Brexit."

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