Bloomberg: Guillaume Thibault on How Autonomy Will Completely Reshape the World Economy

Feb 9, 2018

Oliver Wyman partner Guillaume Thibault discussed autonomy trends at the Singapore Air Show and was quoted in a Bloomberg article.

“Autonomy will completely reshape the world economy,” Guillaume Thibault, told the audience during his ““The Autonomous Revolution - The Race Is On” presentation.

With all these pilotless craft in the air, many wonder how to manage the coming onslaught, particularly around airports. Thibault pointed out that in 2015 there were about 320,000 planes in active use around the world, while customers bought 4.5 million drones. The media announcements coming out every day are, he said, “just the tip of the iceberg.”

To read the entire Bloomberg article, titled “The Future of Flying Is All About Drones” please click here.