OWn Your Future

Location: Athens, Greece Date: September 8-9, 2022

What Is The Own Your Future Experience?

OWn Your Future experience is a program we’ve developed to empower talented students to take control of their careers, helping them to boost their skills and become the next generation of inspiring leaders.

This is an enthusiastic shout out to high-performing students around the world who are interested in exploring Oliver Wyman’s latest graduate career opportunities in either Athens, Madrid, or Milan!

What Does This Program Entail?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in consulting? This program offers a taste of life as a consultant and also fast-track access to your consulting career trajectory!

During this year experience in Athens you will have access to dedicated coaching and mentoring sessions to boost your personal brand, your self-confidence, and develop the skills and traits to fully explore/exploit your potential.

You will also have the opportunity to challenge yourself through hands-on interaction with your peers and collaborate with a panel of experts. In 2022 we will be focusing our activities on the topic of climate change.

Notably, we will be joined for our roundtable by a special guest, our colleague Kaja Pergar, a Principal based in New York, who just took part in the 2041 Foundation’s Antarctica expedition as our firm ambassador.

Kaja was selected for her strong climate expertise, her commitment to building on this unique opportunity upon returning to Oliver Wyman, and her eagerness to build new connections with her team members on the trip.

She is looking forward to telling us everything about this exciting adventure.

Check the agenda for the 2-days event below!

Who Should Apply?

This program is open to all students who in 2023 will have completed:

  • Minimum four-year bachelor’s degree or
  • Minimum three-year bachelor’s degree and at least one year’s master’s degree

We are looking for you if:

  • You are a student with an outstanding academic record who displays initiative, intuition, curiosity, and creativity
  • You are fluent in English and local chosen office language (Greek, Italian, Spanish)
  • You are a problem-solver with an analytical mindset
  • You are able to connect dots and see patterns where others don’t.

We do not require specific academic majors or industry experience, but instead look for diversity of experience and skills.

We value extracurricular activities and evidence of you leading an interesting and impactful life outside of your studies.

Apply Here

Please submit your application no later than 31 May 2022.


Note: Travel, accommodation, and meals will be provided, as well as reasonable expenses.