Virtual / In-person Event

International Women Mentorship Program

Location: Milan, Madrid, Athens Date: February - June 2024


What is the OW International Women Mentorship Program?

Mentoring is an impactful way to coach future consultants and provide them with the right tools from the very beginning.

It is not about “training,” but rather the creation of a trusting relationship that will help you navigate your future career.

Mentoring plays a critical role in the progression of female professionals in all sectors. Lack of mentoring, exclusion from networks, and absence of female role models are cited as key barriers to advancement for women.

Our mentees are matched with mentors to help them prepare the first steps of their career in consulting. Mentoring relationships are sustained over a period of 5-6 months. Meetings are scheduled monthly and – depending on the preferences of mentors and mentees – they can take place in person or remotely.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to successfully start your career in management consulting!

Who Is It For?

OurInternational Women Mentorship Program is currently dedicated to female students who plan to start a career in management consulting in one of the following Oliver Wyman offices: Milan, Madrid, Athens.

The benefits of having a mentor:

  • Develop your skills to successfully start a career in consulting
  • Get help preparing for the interviews
  • Learn about what being a consultant means and the impact you can make
  • Build your self-confidence


Who Can Apply?

This program is open to female students graduating between 2025-2027. We look for people who display initiative, intuition, and creativity with a strong problem-solving and analytical mindset. We do not require specific academic majors or industry experience and look for diversity of experience and skills.  We value extracurricular activities and evidence of leading an interesting and impactful life outside of your studies.

Apply if you are:

  • Italy: enrolled in the final year of Bachelor’s degree or in a Master’s degree - fluent in Italian
  • Iberia: enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, graduating between 2025 and 2027 - fluent in Spanish
  • Greece: enrolled in the final year of Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree - fluent in Greek

Candidates must have excellent communication skills in English and local language of the chosen office (Italian, Spanish or Greek).

Apply Here

Applications for 2025 Oliver Wyman International Women Mentorship Program will open in September 2024 Stay tuned!


Anna Rosati
During the first session organized in 2019, I had the privilege to act as a mentor to three women during our recruiting program “International Women Mentorship” helping them better prepare for the process and encouraging them to increase their confidence and to achieve their potential
Anna Rosati Principal
Elisa Sordo
With this amazing experience, I had the unique chance to discover the role of women in strategic consulting and learn about Oliver Wyman values through several meetings with talented people from varied backgrounds and areas of expertise. I was also assigned to a mentor, which is now my career advisor, who gave me very useful advice and tips to face the interview process in the best way. This program made me feel the buzz of people doing work that matters and live the workplace even before being hired
Elisa Sordo Consultant
Leticia Rubira
At times, the mentoring program felt like having a conversation with my younger self
Leticia Rubira Engagement Manager


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