Cleaning Walk and Migration Talk


In the Belgian office it’s important for us to not only bring the best expertise to our clients, but also to build a culture where collaboration, belonging and positive impact on the society play a central role. To support the local community, the Brussels team came together in June and spent an afternoon with Serve the City, a non-profit organisation serving the homeless, refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and other people in need.

During the “Cleaning Walk and Migration Talk” initiative organised to mark the World Refugee Day, we walked together from the North Station, passing by the Parc Maximilien and its surroundings, cleaning up the streets of that neighbourhood crucial for the history of migration in the city. Along the way, the Serve the City team shared their experience and knowledge with us, allowing us to learn about the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Belgium.

We are proud that we can own our impact and live the Oliver Wyman values by bringing change to the local community.