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What We Do

Oliver Wyman supports manufacturing companies in their efforts to realize sustainable, profitable growth. We develop customized solutions to address the needs of each client’s unique situation – we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.  Consequently, our team includes both sector and functional experts. 

Profitable growth and the continuous adjustment of the business model are a key challenge for the management of manufacturing companies. Value Driven Business Designs developed by Oliver Wyman are based on the analysis of value shifts within an industry, which enables the identification of future profit zones that are systematically developed by means of alternative business models.
Our Mergers and Acquisitions and Post-Merger Integration team offers extensive value improvement opportunities by means of a unique combination of in-depth industry knowledge and long-term experience in the international transaction business. Our services for corporate clients from industry, i.e., strategic investors, are complemented by a tailor-made consulting offering for financial investors.
Oliver Wyman offers both Independent business reviews (IBR) and Sustainable Restructuring Concepts. With a focus on manufacturing industries we understand the specifics required to turn around business and return to the growth path.
Our Organization experts build on manifold experience, examples and benchmarks to develop organizations structures required today to support international growth and fast decision-making in an environment that becomes more and more complex.
Direct material cost is the key lever to operational and financial performance of our industrial clients. The Industrial Products team at Oliver Wyman has a long and proven track record in optimization of product costs and in sourcing.
Our Product Cost Optimization team builds on experience from hundreds of projects in different industries and understands the key levers to optimize not only production cost but the whole value chain.
Our experts support industrial clients in realizing the utilization of after-sales-opportunities by downstream businesses like spare parts, service, financing, and maintenance. With a special focus on B2B After Sales we understand the key lever to capitalize throughout the whole product lifecycle.
Oliver Wyman supports clients in the manufacturing industries in both realizing their Industry 4.0 potential and implementing state-of-the art IT platforms across all functions. By combining this expertise with our Organization and Strategy competence, we create end-to-end processes to realize significant savings throughout the whole value chain and enable profitable growth.
Oliver Wyman has more than 30 years of experience in consulting for mechanical engineering companies. More than 70% of the leading mechanical and plant engineering companies are our customers.
Oliver Wyman has in-depth knowledge of the automation industry and comprehensive experience in its strategic and operational issues. We utilize a worldwide network of experts and in addition, our teams benefit from the know-how of other Oliver Wyman industry experts serving the automation industries’ customer segments, such as the automotive, manufacturing, and process industries.
Oliver Wyman has a worldwide network of high-tech experts in North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, our teams utilize the knowledge of other Practice Groups in the customer industries of the high-tech industry, for instance, communications, computing, automotive, and manufacturing industries.
Our expertise in realignment of plant engineering companies to profitable growth and in adaption to new market conditions. Most of the leading plant engineering companies are our customers.
Oliver Wyman supports clients in the solar and wind industry as they seek to strategically realign their business models for profitable growth. Our contribution includes specific industry knowledge about renewables, broad experiences in related strategic and operational topics, and a global network of experts.
Oliver Wyman supports leading players in the off-highway industry and their suppliers in a broad range of projects including strategic realignment and business design, organization, cost and efficiency, restructuring and M&A.
For many years, Oliver Wyman has worked successfully with the leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, for their suppliers, and for service providers in the commercial vehicle industry.

What We Think

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