Abhi Bhuchar
Head of Consumer and Industrials, South East Asia, and Energy and Natural Resources, Asia Pacific
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Abhi has an educational background in engineering and is a Partner leading the Manufacturing, Transportation and Energy practice in Asia Pacific. He pins his success down to being a people person.

While my engineering background helps me in profound ways to do what I need to do, the fact that I have lived and worked (with Oliver Wyman) in North America, the Middle East, the UK and now South East Asia makes me a better person for those experiences – I connect interpersonally with clients from a wide range of backgrounds

Abhi has more than 10 years of industry and consulting experience working in countries all over the world with a focus on business and asset valuation, and commercial and operational effectiveness strategies. He thrives on working in an industry that’s continually growing and developing. 

Working internationally and being based in Singapore has helped Abhi develop both personally and professionally. He's passionate about seeing the difference his work can make and the impact it has directly on the lives of real people. 

It’s my privilege to help some of the world’s largest organizations through their journey. It’s amazing to see the output of my work in the “real world”. Working with individuals who have a fundamentally different skill-set and outlook on what's important stays with me and helps me maintain some form of perspective on what I do, ensuring I don't take life too seriously!