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I speak to the CEOs and founders that are making an impact in the world of financial technology, data, and software

Introducing the Innovators’ Exchange podcast, hosted by Hiten Patel, Global Head of Financial Infrastructure, Technology, and Services at Oliver Wyman. 

Join Hiten as he engages in insightful conversations with CEOs and founders who are shaping the landscape of financial technology, data, and software. In each episode, Hiten delves into their journeys to success, daily motivations, business visions, and the invaluable lessons they've gathered along the way. 

Meet visionaries such as Maroun Eddé of Murex, Brad Levy from Symphony, Cat Long of Trace, Anand Sambasivan of Primary Bid, David Mercer of LMAX group, and Bin Ren of Sigtech. From discussing the ever-evolving nature of capital markets to the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, these conversations provide a unique perspective on innovation in the financial sector.

Hiten Patel: Hi, I'm Hiten Patel and I’m the Global Head of Financial Infrastructure, Technology and Services at Oliver Wyman. 

I’m excited to introduce my new podcast Innovators’ Exchange, where I speak to the CEOs and founders that are making an impact in the world of financial technology, financial data and financial software.  

In these conversations I’m learning about their journeys to success, what drives them day to day, the future of their business, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. 

In this series I speak with Maroun Eddé of Murex.  

Maroun Eddé: You have to take a bet on the way capital markets will be, not the way they were, I think if you ever think you have won, it means that you are dead.

Hiten: Brad Levy from Symphony.

Brad Levy: I think tech was the new front office three to five years ago and exploded into the pandemic.

Hiten: Cat Long from Trace. 

Cat Long: I think everyone's got the benefit of hindsight and they can have a great compelling narrative based on looking back, I think I could do that, but I'll just be a bit more frank with it.

Hiten: Anand Sambasivan of Primary Bid. 

Anand Sambasivan: We said, look, the markets are either public or they're not, and you can't have it both ways.

Hiten: David Mercer from LMAX group.  

David Mercer: We followed a plan, and because we had skin in the game, we really had that effervescence, that discipline, that motivation, that rigor to make it work.

Hiten: And Bin Ren from Sigtech. 

Bin Ren: So, I think the future is humans augmenting AI, or I want to be seen as the bridge that bridges the AI brain to the real markets.  

Hiten: I've learned a lot from these conversations and I’m excited to share them. Please find Innovators’ Exchange wherever you get your podcasts.

 This transcript has been edited for clarity.