UChicago's Sendhil Mullainathan on Building Better Data


To transform healthcare, our data must be more representative of the people we serve and the problems they face.

Oliver Wyman Health

The market for data is fundamentally broken in healthcare, presenting us with immense opportunities for growth and innovation. To transform our industry, we need data that are much more representative of the people we serve and the problems they need to be solved. How can we step up to the challenge? What’s standing in our way? And what’s the opportunity for those who crack the innovation code?

We address these questions below in an interview with Sendhil Mullainathan, Roman Family University Professor of Computation and Behavioral Science, University of Chicago Booth, recorded at the 2020 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit. Here, Sendhil talks about why algorithms fail, the explosion of artificial intelligence in healthcare, and where opportunities to innovate lie.

Watch the Conversation from the Health Innovation Summit

Memorable Moments

  • Sendhil on AI Challenges: Algorithms fail, not because of engineering, but because of the data used to construct them.
  • Sendhil on AI in healthcare: If we want a good future for artificial intelligence in healthcare, we have to build the right data infrastructure.
  • Sendhil on Data Challenges: Data supply chains create very uneven market power.
  • Sendhil on Healthcare's Future: Fixing data plumbing is the biggest problem for artificial intelligence in healthcare.