Video: Aetna's Shift to a Consumer Health Services Company


Aetna's mission to bring healthcare services to the whole person.

Brigitte Nettesheim

Editor's Note: What's the future of the CVS-Aetna merger? At the 2019 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit, Aetna's Brigitte Nettesheim shared her thoughts on this and more with former MedCity News reporter, Kevin Truong. Brigitte shares Aetna's perspective on network design, joint ventures, trust-powered relationships, and the importance of community networks.

Memorable Moments:

  • "At Aetna, we've been on a journey to transform ourselves from a traditional health insurance company into a consumer services company, delivering consumers services that pertain to their health. This allows us by collaborating and combining with CVS to bring all of our expertise and insights combined to work on behalf of delivering those services to consumers."
  • "We have to think about mental well-being and also social well-being. It's the whole person we're trying to bring services to. It's coordinating services and access to services that aren't necessarily covered by the traditional healthcare system."
  • "Traditionally, payers and providers have been at odds. One's revenue is one's cost. And that's just a tough economic model overall. So, the question is, how do we learn about each other's businesses in-depth and understand what our common objectives are?"