Video: Fitbit's Mission to Make Everyone Healthier


An inside look at how Fitbit's 25 million active devices improve health and wellness across the population health spectrum.

Amy McDonough

Editor's Note: As we gear up for next month's Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit in Chicago, we continue to reflect on last year’s executive takeaways to assess healthcare’s ongoing journey towards progress. In this interview from the 2018 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit in Dallas, Thrive Global's Agapi Stassinopoulos chats with Amy McDonough, Chief Operating Officer of Fitbit Health Solutions. They discuss how Fitbit's entrance into healthcare was actually a decade in the making, how their consumer-centric focus makes their work in healthcare different than their competition's, and their partnership with Humana to bring personalized, digital medical interventions to Humana's 5 million employers.

Interview Highlights

  • "We have about 81 million [Fitbit] devices sold and more than 25 million active users.” (00:45)
  • “We’ve been working with employers for many years. We worked with over 1,600 employers last year alone, over 100 health plans, and more than 70 of the Fortune 500." (1:14)
  • “In terms of what differentiates us in the market … we are very dedicated (and have been since Day 1) with one singular mission: How do we make everyone in the world healthier?” (1:27)
  • “Our devices are dedicated to health and wellness. They also work across operating systems’ compatibilities, which is very important when you think about healthcare – they work with IOS as well as Android devices. We also have a competitive price point which is really important when you’re thinking about doing that across a population health spectrum.” (2:10)
  • “You’re much more likely to be active and engaged in your well-being if you’re surrounded by others who do that as well. Being able to connect with others in a social way that supports your health is really important.” (2:40)
  • “[Last] September, we announced Fitbit Care, a platform that combines our devices and the data from our devices with real-world, virtual, human care. So, ‘right place, right touch, right time’ [care] in that moment, in an app-based ecosystem – human plus a digital coach and intervention. It works across the spectrum of care.” (3:56)
  • Amy McDonough