Podcast: Navvis and SSM Health's Transformation Agenda

Carter Dredge, Mike Farris, and Bryce Bach

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Editor's Note: This podcast covering Navvis and SSM Health's new partnership is a two-part series, offering our listeners an in-depth perspective on how both organizations are aligned to deliver innovation and new models of care in SSM Health's markets. Part 1 (which you can listen to here) discusses the key areas essential for transformation and offers advice for executives looking to collaborate and transform in similar ways. Below, Part 2 offers a more detailed look at their transformation agenda.

Navvis, a St. Louis-based population health company, and SSM Health, a nearly $8 billion health system in the Midwest, announced a holistic, data-driven, and consumer-focused partnership last year to design and operate a new value-based care delivery model. In this episode of the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast, Bryce Bach, Principal in Oliver Wyman's Health & Life Sciences Practice, sat down with Mike Farris, Navvis' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Carter Dredge, SSM Health's Chief Transformation Officer, at the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit in Chicago to learn more about their challenges and lessons so far.

More From This Episode 

  • [Carter] "It's a misnomer for health systems to say, 'I'm just going to wait until 60 percent of my business is in risk until I change.' The reality is, if you're any system of any material size, no one is just going to give you that much risk right out of the gate. You've got to figure out how to identify problems for specific populations and fix them."
  • [Mike] "You've got to do your diligence upfront. You've got to frame the risk. If you don't move, you've got to have a path ahead where you know where the pockets of value are that you're going to go after and can create a funding pool for re-investment. So innovation becomes self-sustaining." 
  • [Carter] "There is a latent opportunity in the front line when it comes to our experts. They know how to do a lot of our work way better than we do. We just need to give them a forum so they can see how [our vision] translates to patients. And if we can do that, look out. I literally see a day when we will be chasing to catch up with our front line."
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