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I’ve seen LED messages boards hanging from trees in a village in India delivering health reports
Spencer Kelly, Presenter, Tech Expert

Two leading technology experts share their most memorable career moments. They also delve into how technology is being innovatively utilized in the developing world, demonstrating the potential of robotics and AI.

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Spencer Kelly

I have been so lucky to see so much and go to so many brilliant places and meet so many amazing people over the last 20 years. Sometimes the most inspirational technology is not the cutting edge stuff, but it's the stuff that you see maybe in the developing world where people are literally hacking stuff together because they need it and there's no big expensive solution they can go and buy. And so they're building stuff out of whatever they've got. And so I've seen some amazing innovations in places like Kenya and India. I've seen LED message boards hanging from trees in a village in India delivering health reports. And at the other end, I've seen a robot in South Korea drive a car, get out of a car, drill a hole in a wall, open a door, turn off a gas valve, pick its way through rubble. And it went on to win the DARPA Robotics Challenge that year where it had to do that obstacle course in the fastest time.

And I lost my marbles. I was so excited to see this robot do it, it was brilliant.

Sian Townson

I think one of the most exciting things I've been involved in was the rollout of the COVID vaccine. So that was obviously a very high pressure time for everyone. But we had roughly six weeks heads up that there was going to be a vaccine before the public were going to know, and we needed to work out how to be able to get people vaccinated at pace without causing any sort of panic or concern.

And, one of the big aspects we needed to be ready for was a batch recall. So we came in as analytics, specialists to be able to match people to their medical records and help people get access to the vaccine by making sure that even if you changed your name, we could still identify who you were, even if you were homeless and on the street and didn't have a physical address to use, we could still make sure that you could get vaccinated. If you were a refugee that had recently come into the country, you still needed a vaccine.

So for me, that was an exciting aspect of AI to use. It was technologically very advanced, but it was also a really nice example of the impact that you can have.