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The world is facing a strong wave of inflation and its impact will stay. How should the private and public sector react to this challenge? Inflation could force some of the shifts businesses need to make to become more resilient for future crises.

Public Policy: Three “I”s keep leaders awake at night

The three “I”s – Inflation, Interest rates, and Invasion (the Russian invasion of Ukraine) are a key issue for policymakers and corporate leaders of all industries and functions. Only few decision makers can draw on prior experience.

At our recent Financial Regulatory Outlook Conference in Rome we spoke with our senior advisor, Andreas Dombret, on the three “I”s, the impact of inflation, the underlying causes, and what leaders should be doing.

Consumer price inflation is difficult to catch because it has increased so much by now. I strongly believe that we need to get rid of the negative interest rates in the Euro zone as quickly as possible

Retail and Consumer Goods: Joint responsibility to ensure a reliable supply of goods

Voices of the Industry is the new edition of our Retail and Consumer Journal, in which we speak to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders about the most crucial trends facing the retail and consumer goods industry. A recurring topic in our conversations is the rising inflation, its impacts on the industry, and retailers and consumer goods companies’ joint responsibility in ensuring a reliable supply of goods.

Rami Baitieh, CEO Carrefour France:

For the last 20 years, we haven’t known serious inflation in Europe. By now most players lost the knowledge of how to manage it. Defending consumer prices and ensuring a reliable supply of essential goods is a key role. We have to play it, and we always will

Read Rami's full interview here.

Duncan MacNaughton, former President and Chief Operating Officer of Family Dollar:

Folks [retailers and suppliers] that have strategic relationships will be able to leverage years of co-investing, co-innovating, mutual business plans, winning together, and losing together. So they can take some shared risk
Duncan MacNaughton, former President and Chief Operating Officer of Family Dollar

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Automotive Suppliers: Massive increase of raw material prices causes distress

The massive increase of raw material prices is significantly impacting the automotive supplier industry who often cannot fully pass through the additional cost to their customers, observes Fabian Brandt, who leads our global Automotive and Industrial Goods practice. He expects a significant increase of distressed companies in the supplier sector

Fabian Brandt, our Partner and Global Head of Automotive and Manufacturing Industries shared his views in his LinkedIn post.

Inflation is triggering broad transformations that were pushed back for too long. Check back in to keep exploring with us how the public and private ecosystem could aim for better production, better consumption, ESG mindsets, transformed organizations.