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With airline operations stabilizing after two years of significant uncertainty, their focus is shifting back towards profitability and operational excellence. Many airlines are considering or are in the midst of modernizing their legacy MRO technology to improve productivity, reduce cost, and mitigate compliance risk. But carriers should tread carefully as many implementation challenges can inhibit the realized value, including adoption, data quality, or over-configuration.

For this Velocity podcast episode, join Jeff Leavitt, Konstantinos Varsos and Robert Mather from IFS where they discuss the benefits, challenges, and approaches to modernizing legacy MRO technology.

Getting the most out of your MRO IT system

In the first article of this series we examined some of the challenges carriers face in implementing a new MRO IT system and how many find themselves struggling to realize the value that was promised by the system vendor. The factors that can impact system performance are all too often self-inflicted. The good news is that each can be mitigated. 

In the second article, we look at the best practices that need to be considered at each stage of the implementation journey and demonstrate how carriers can stabilize the MRO system and maximize the value extracted.