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We have partnered with Tech Nation on their state of the nation report on tech, produced since 2015.


The 2021 report focuses on what’s next for UK tech. 

It explores the challenges that are being faced by stakeholders in the ecosystem, and how scaling companies have the potential to build back in a way that delivers benefit for everyone.

In a post-Brexit landscape, it is crucial that the UK boosts its economy by strengthening its position as a technology world leader. Of course, the UK is already a leader in attracting investment in technology. International competition landscapes may be shifting, but London will continue to be an IPO hotspot for bringing the most promising new ventures to life. We must use technology, however, to help level up the whole population, ensuring all have the career opportunities they deserve. It’s positive to see the increasing levels of investment across the country but more will be needed.

The UK is more attractive to international investors than ever; 63% of investment into UK tech came from overseas in 2020, up from 50% in 2016

Technology and data analytics will help business leaders address challenges that are tougher and more urgent than they have been in the past. At Oliver Wyman we are playing a leading role in helping businesses transform their operations so they can overcome issues that are tougher and more urgent than ever before. We are confident that advancements in sectors such as healthcare, transportation, energy, and education will help people lead better lives.

Technology will also be essential in tackling climate risk and in fighting cyber- and financial crime. It has the potential to provide solutions that are not just commercially compelling but that lead us to do the right thing for society. It’s for these reasons that we are delighted to partner with Tech Nation on their journey to help the UK tech sector thrive.

UK tech VC investment is third in the world, hitting a record high of $15bn in 2020 in the face of challenging conditions