What We Do

Change is difficult. Too often, efforts to deliver stall or even fail due to a lack of clarity, belief, and ownership amongst those people empowered to deliver it. ​8works is Oliver Wyman’s specialist people-led change capability. For over 20 years we have put people at the core, creating the conditions for people to successfully drive change.

Together we explore, co-create, test, and iterate to design solutions our clients have confidence they can deliver. Our rigorous approach harnesses expert knowledge and diverse perspectives, to get better solutions which people believe in, faster. ​

Creating convergence and conviction amongst leaders on the destination and how to make it a reality
Moving people from awareness to action, through scaled activation events and ongoing engagement
Building capability within the organisation to maintain momentum and deliver on ambitions


We build conviction to act and inspire genuine excitement, buy-in, and ownership. This creates a coalition of leaders willing and able to drive transformation — accelerating the pace and driving lasting results.


What We Think

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Who We Are

8works are a global team of designers, facilitators and creatives, united by a shared curiosity and a commitment to solve complex problems.​