Rebecca Young
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Rebecca, or Bec as we call her, is a director in 8works, Oliver Wyman’s People-Led Change Capability.

She has more than seven years’ experience as a designer, facilitator, and consultant dedicated to enabling leaders to deliver impact. Rebecca believes in harnessing the power of people to develop winning strategies, design new operating models, and transform businesses.

Discovering this way of working a few years into my consulting career was a real turning point for me. I loved the combination of logic with creativity, of art with science, and I never went back!

Rebecca is passionate about putting co-creation at the heart of organizations. Seeing people taking on effective new ways of working and deliver results gives her a real sense of achievement. From developing a growth strategy in financial services to establishing a greenfield electric vehicle venture, or sustainably reducing the cost base of an energy provider, Rebecca is committed to helping people co-create their future.

I am proud to be part of a team of diverse, passionate individuals, who are constantly challenging themselves and each other to push the boundaries of what’s possible through co-creation

An Australian abroad, Rebecca is always up for an adventure and loves the outdoors. When she’s not exploring Europe, you’ll find her playing football, tennis, or practicing yoga.