Vikram Krishnan

Aviation Sector Leader, Aviation, Aerospace & Defense
Vik is a business traveller’s best friend. A large part of his role as a partner with the Aviation practice at Oliver Wyman is dedicated to working with airlines to improve punctuality; he helps you get to your business meetings and reunions with friends and family safely and on time.

Vik also helps airlines raise the bar on operational performance through smarter technology investments, efficient flight operations, and improved pilot planning. He loves working closely with his client and consultant teams and leading them to success:

I really enjoy mentoring people, and derive great satisfaction from seeing my clients and colleagues succeed on a project and outside of it.

Integrity is also important to Vik, and helping his clients stay true to their core values is a key part of his job. One of his professional triumphs was helping a major U.S. airline grow and introduce new products while staying true to its cultural values of maintaining affordable fares for is customers:

We developed an efficiency program that altered the way the airline interacted with their employees and customers. There were concerns that all of the changes would disrupt the culture of the company and destroy the foundations around which the airline was built, but we introduced seismic changes while preserving the emotional connective tissue between the airline, its award-winning employees, and millions of loyal customers. Our consultants integrated seamlessly into the client’s team and embraced their infectious, vibrant culture.