Dr. Lutz Jäde
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As a Partner with Oliver Wyman in Munich, Lutz leads the Restructuring Practice, advising companies on large scale restructuring, cost reduction, reorganization, and performance improvement programs across a variety of industries.

These days I help companies in distress to turn around their business. So, if you think about Oliver Wyman as a hospital, I run the Emergency Room. I really take pride in this work - we once managed to save a company with more than 2,000 employees from insolvency in the very last minute. I still remember how great that felt!

Lutz is fluent in German and English and holds a diploma and Ph.D. in physics:

Yes, I studied quantum physics. This is about understanding boundary conditions and building models to predict future events, which can be quite helpful in consulting!

As if all this industry experience was not enough, Lutz even learned how to cook while working as a chef in a high-class restaurant during his studies.

He has an extraordinary range of life and consultancy experience, having begun his consulting career in the engineered products / high tech competence center of Roland Berger – Strategy Consultants and later worked in the Automotive & Manufacturing group of Deloitte, before which he worked as a research associate at the DESY institute for Theoretical Physics.

Lutz’s strengths lie in setting and managing priorities. His clients seek him out for his considerable experience in the field.

It is vital to keep a cool head and to set the right priorities, working with outside stakeholders – especially lenders – in times of a crisis. That is unknown territory for most managers.