Germain Terreaux
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The turning point in Germain's career was an international study he did at the end of his MBA on the role of business in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and the difficulty to address complex, multi-factor global issues. This genuine interest in business and the economy, as well as a passion for societal changes and excitement for technology disruptions, led Germain to become a Partner in the Retail and Consumer Goods Practice at Oliver Wyman.

Germain has spent more than 15 years managing value transformation projects in Industry, Cosmetics, Home Equipment, Health, Telco, and Retail and B2B distribution. He specialized in commercial effectiveness, procurement strategy, business transformation, segmentation and sales force effectiveness, and pre-acquisition strategic analysis.

CEOs are often alone in their role among the organizations they lead. My role is to support them in the complex exercise of decision making and transformation shaping

AS Germain looks back on his years as a key strategic advisor to businesses across the industry, he sees his greatest success as having been when he changed the energy and emotional dynamic in a transformed organization, changing the course of a leaders’ career. As he looks ahead, he sees a profound disruption in consumer markets due to ongoing environmental and social tensions, representing both risks and opportunities for businesses.