Andrew Jakubowski

Andrew Jakubowski is very much a people person. He helps healthcare institutions develop new products and operating models, so he knows how much a proactive and positive work environment can improve his teams' ability to deliver results.

At University Andrew studied Biology and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies. Then at Oliver Wyman he led the company’s LGBT and employee resource group GLOW. Andrew understands how to inspire and engage all his colleagues to achieve their best in an open, inclusive workplace.

When it comes to project work, I think managers are attracted to my interpersonal skills and personality. I have a rich set of personal and professional experiences in the inclusion and diversity space. I am known for being very willing and eager to share.

Andrew knows that cultivating a space where everyone can participate actively and to the best of their abilities is crucial for delivering the best results, both within the team  and ultimately for the client. Andrew's personal and professional experiences allow him to understand how people tick and how to work with them to produce industry-leading outcomes in which everyone can take pride.

My work in healthcare has resulted in better consumer experiences: a new health plan means greater access for potentially underserved populations; a new engagement platform helps patients understand and overcome their health challenges. I feel good about my work in the healthcare sector because it has social impact.