Veterans Of Oliver Wyman (VOW)


Veterans of Oliver WymanVOW is an internal colleague network aimed at:

  • Advising transitioning veterans
  • Providing a supportive internal community
  • Promoting veteran advocacy in local communities
  • VOW's members are high performers from many of the service branches. 

Our three areas of focus:

  • Recruiting: Connect the highest caliber veteran candidates with Oliver Wyman so they can advance from Day One
  • Retention: Develop a supportive community for veterans
  • Connection: Partner with veteran charities and serve as the conduit for connecting Oliver Wyman to the veteran community

Please contact us if you have questions:

After graduating from West Point and spending five years in the Army as an armor officer, I started researching opportunities to utilize the talent and skills I developed in the military.

"As soon as I began reaching out to my network, it became clear Oliver Wyman was the only firm that did not require an MBA (or an equivalent graduate level degree) to join and/or progress through the firm. However, what really sold me was the ability to progress as quickly as my talents allowed, the immediate client exposure, and the ability to work in small teams on projects in a variety of industries. At Oliver Wyman, I have participated on client work ranging from airline operations optimization to private equity due diligence. Each and every project has been an incredible learning experience. My managers have taken the time to set stretch goals with me which have prompted my professional development and advancement. The wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained in a short time at Oliver Wyman has been invaluable for me as I continue to develop myself into a business leader."

After working for several years supporting the Navy Energy office, I decided to pursue an opportunity at Oliver Wyman because they hired directly into their Energy practice. It meant that I would not have to start as a generalist like at many other firms.

"I knew of Oliver Wyman’s reputation from recruiting during my MBA program. Years later, as I sought new opportunities, I learned (and it was reinforced) that the firm truly values maintaining talented people for their careers. Oliver Wyman makes significant professional development investments and is flexible regarding personal life decisions. Advancement is as rapid as your talents will take you. Consultants are not hampered by arbitrary timeframes assigned to each level—you will advance when you prove you are ready for the next role, whether that’s in 18 months or 3 years. Progression is based on merit and the employee’s professional development. I have learned a great deal here and continue to enjoy the talented team members. I remain invigorated by the pace and the challenges of the project work."

Through Oliver Wyman’s MBA Sponsorship program, I was able to further my business knowledge.

"After departing the U.S. Army, I joined Oliver Wyman and worked primarily in the Consumer and Industrial Value Transformation (C&IVT) practice group which focuses on the retail sector. I was staffed on projects throughout Europe and the United States. The firm does not require an MBA for advancement but offers a sponsorship program. I applied and was selected to participate. After attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, I returned to Oliver Wyman. I still focus primarily on C&IVT, but have done other projects as well. Outside of client work, I co-chair the Veterans’ Colleague Resource Group, which is an MMC-wide group. I particularly enjoy it as it incorporates other business units outside of Oliver Wyman. I’m also working with our campus recruiting team where I get to return to my alma mater and talk to Stanford students. Between client work and all that Oliver Wyman has to offer outside of it, I’m pleased with my decision to return."