Introversion At Oliver Wyman


Helping introverts and extroverts better understand one anotherThe introversion-extroversion spectrum of diversity is one that we are all familiar with.  Many of us think about it, but many of us don’t fully feel comfortable exploring it with others.  This is sub-optimal both from Oliver Wyman’s perspective in creating high-performing teams, and from individuals' perspectives in that they may not feel fully comfortable bringing their true, authentic selves to work.  IntrOW seeks to help everyone at Oliver Wyman better understand this dimension of diversity and to make talking about it a normal part of the day-to-day life at the firm through office discussions, video series, mentorship programs, etc.
Enabling more effective collaborationIntrOW is seeking to remove a key barrier to high-performing teams – conflict or misunderstanding due to a difference in preference and needs pertaining to introversion and extroversion.  We have introduced introvert-friendly work practices and are seeking ways to embed such practices into day-to-day life.
Inspiring and supporting introverts at OWFor some, the business and consulting world can at times feel very extrovert-oriented and seem as if it is more difficult for introverts to succeed.  Yet there are many successful introverts both in the business world (e.g. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg), as well as at Oliver Wyman (many of our Partners self-identify as introverts).  Part of IntrOW’s mission is to provide resources and support to help introverts navigate, grow, and thrive at Oliver Wyman.  
Global reach and local supportIntrOW is run by a core team of colleagues across the globe.  We invite you to learn more and contact us at