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Family Life At Oliver Wyman (FLOW)


Resources: Talking To Children And Family Members About Race

Oliver Wyman condemns the recent racist violence against Black Americans. FLOW has joined with Employees Of Oliver Wyman Enabling Racial & Ethnic Diversity (EMPOWERED) to help parents and families who are seeking to understand how to help address current events around racial bias and violence and commit to actively supporting the Black community. We have started below with a resource guide on how to speak to children about race and racism. We hope this can be an aid in re-examining our own views/actions and their impact on the greater community.

Today Parenting Guide: How to Talk to Kids about Race and Racism

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Educating Matters: Teach Children to be an Ally

Embrace Race: Looking for Excellent “Diverse” Books for Children? Start Here!

Zinn Education Project: Teaching People's History

NYT Cooking: Juneteenth Recipes Curated by Nicole Taylor   

Video: Microaggressions And Racism

Resources For Allies

Employees Of Oliver Wyman Enabling Racial & Ethnic Diversity (EMPOWERED) has compiled a set of resources on tangible ways allies can listen, learn more, add their voice, and take action.


Celebrating The 2020 International Day Of Families!

May 15 is designated by the United Nations as the International Day of Families, a global initiative that brings international communities together to celebrate and increase awareness and support for diverse families across the world.

This year, our global community has been deeply impacted by the virus that has ravaged the world. For some, it has brought families together by forcing people to shelter in place and spend more time with each other than ever before. For others, it has prevented us from seeing the people we love most. In the worst cases, some of us have lost loved ones and are in a period of grieving.

Family is everything to us, especially today. We asked our colleagues around the world to share images of what Home means to them. They responded - from New York, Milan, Mumbai, Munich, Dubai, London, Toronto, and other international offices - with beautiful photos reflecting on the bonds among our quarantine companions: children, parents, partners, pets, close friends, and more.

And as a firm, we have also continued to foster a family-friendly workplace with expanded resources for our caregiving colleagues. Follow #OWCulture #OWInclusion #OWHomeTogether.

2019 International Day Of Families

This May at Oliver Wyman we are organizing a range of events that will explore and celebrate the many intersections of work and family. FLOW is collaborating with its sister employee resource groups - EMPOWERED, GLOW, and WOW - to share resources, moderate discussions, and host local gatherings that highlight and support Oliver Wyman parents and caretakers of all backgrounds. As part of this initiative, we are participating in the International Day of Families, a global United Nations observance held every May 15 to bring together international communities to increase awareness and support for the diverse needs of families. We asked colleagues around the world to send in their photos expressing their meanings of "family" and "love" in celebration of the day, and we are excited to share some of their submissions with you:

2019 Take Our Sons And Daughters To Work Day

On April 25, the New York Office participated in the national Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day! FLOW organized a range of collaborative activities designed to give the childeren of our NYO colleagues a fun introduction to worklife and Oliver Wyman. The agenda included a Marshmallow building challenge, interviews with HC, and coding with ITS. Catch up on all the excitement through the "Kids Takeover" Instagram Story and DTP Photo Shoot:

2018 Oliver Wyman Family PhotOW AlbumSometimes bringing your whole self to work includes your family. That is why Family Life at Oliver Wyman (FLOW), our new network for parents and caregivers, works to support Oliver Wyman colleagues at the many intersections of career and family. Here we celebrate a culture that sees the whole you:

Championing a culture where careers and families thrive

Through the work of our members, FLOW focuses on sharing resources, building community and driving improvement at the many intersections of work and family life by:

  • Attracting and retaining diverse talent by supporting a culture of balance between work and family life
  • Providing a community to foster support for the unique needs and challenges of working parents and caregivers
  • Identifying and driving opportunities for and access to professional development and knowledge-sharing