What We Do

We support manufacturers of industrial products across various subsectors and topics. Our goal is to achieve sustainable value growth for our clients, helping them navigate and adapt to ever-increasing geopolitical, economic, competitive, technological and resource dynamics. We develop tailored solutions to address each client’s unique situation. As a result, we assemble our teams to bring the right blend of skills and experience for each challenge. We work side-by-side with our clients to drive the necessary transformation and achieve lasting impact.

Our expertise
Machinery And Components
Engineered products require innovation, complexity management, customer proximity, and international sales networks to succeed. We support machinery and components companies throughout the value chain, unlocking new value pools and managing risks.
Plant Engineering And Construction
Plant engineering and construction require project management and on-site value creation with many partners. Companies should focus on core competencies, localization, risk management, and digital tools to drive profit.
General Manufacturing​
Manufacturing is highly competitive, and operational excellence and manufacturing footprint decisions are crucial. We optimize supply chains and leverage advanced technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve growth and efficiency for our clients.
Strategy And Growth
We assist clients in redefining their purpose, vision, and mission. We identify areas where they have a “right to play” and contribute deep industry expertise along with our portfolio strategy toolkit. Our proprietary “Value Driven Business Design” methodology is used to analyze value shifts and future profit pools, and to develop successful, value-driven business models for continuous adaptation and development.
Mergers And Acquisitions, Post-Merger Integration
Our team leverages industry knowledge and merger and acquisition (M&A) experience to help clients execute transactions successfully and enhance value. We conduct operational and commercial due diligence and adopt a holistic approach to post-merger integration. This includes culture change, operations management, customer retention, supplier integration, rationalization, and implementation support.
Turnaround And Restructuring
We provide a comprehensive management solution for turning around companies facing an imminent profit or liquidity crisis. Our services stabilize companies, secure their liquidity position, and pave the path to a profitable and sustainable future. We prioritize the development of sustainable restructuring concepts that consider market and competitive environments as well as each company’s unique situation.
Performance Transformation
We guide clients towards lasting transformation through a holistic approach tailored to their needs. This involves designing bold moves for performance leaps, co-creating the operating model and industry-leading capabilities, and facilitating change from the inside out. Whether clients seek positive disruption, trajectory shifts to get ahead, or cost improvement, we drive a successful transformation that endures.
Organization And Governance
We utilize our extensive experience, real-world examples, and industry benchmarks to develop effective organizational systems and steering mechanisms tailored to specific business needs. We assist clients in establishing transparent decision-making processes and implement accountability frameworks. By engaging clients through co-creation and design thinking we ensure sustainable organizational effectiveness.
We merge analytics and technical expertise with a deep understanding of business processes to create end-to-end solutions that realize substantial savings and facilitate profitable growth through digital business models. We maintain state-of-the-art digital tools to identify and realize efficiency potential across the value chain. We guide clients in harnessing the value from data and co-create customer-focused solutions that win.
Sales, Aftersales, And Pricing
We assist manufacturers in capturing customer value throughout the product lifecycle. Our approach encompasses targeted customer acquisition, smart pricing, and harnessing opportunities in after sales – often the greatest value pool. Our team combines practical industrial sales experience with a highly analytical approach supported by user-oriented digital tools for effective steering.
Engineering And Innovation
We support COOs, CTOs, and engineering VPs in adapting their organizations to ever-faster innovation cycles. These are further fueled by increasing software content and digitization which require faster time-to-market and enhanced agility. Our team can optimize development cycles, and disrupt engineering operating models to enhance competitiveness, and improve processes.
Product Cost Optimization And Sourcing
We optimize all product costs along the value chain through commercial, technical, and operational measures. Direct and indirect purchased materials represent the largest costs that need addressing to enhance operational and financial performance. Our procurement and cost reduction experts have a track record of realizing significant savings along the entire supply chain.
Production And Supply Chain
We support manufacturers throughout their end-to-end supply chain. We increase visibility and address critical supply chain issues to optimize earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), working capital, and customer service. We develop solutions for production challenges and prevent issues such as insufficient throughput, poor on-time delivery, and quality concerns.
We help clients identify and implement the most suitable green market strategy. This can include manufacturing parts for new green technology, participating in the hyper-growth of green technologies, or designing eco-friendly production systems. We also develop corporate sustainability roadmaps, help manage sustainability risks, and initiate cultural shifts towards sustainability across all business decisions.

What We Think

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Recession Heatmap Industrial Goods

Oliver Wyman introduced the Recession Heatmap in 2019 to help industrial businesses assess the likelihood of a recession in their respective sectors. Our Lead Indicator has the potential to signal a looming recession as early as 3 to 4 quarters before it hits, as back testing on the 2008 recession demonstrates.


Who We Are

The Industrial Products team spans three continents with hubs in our six core markets. Globally, more than 20 partners and their teams work together to help our clients master their most transformational challenges. Our team combines deep functional knowledge with expertise across numerous subsectors and works together seamlessly with colleagues from other firm practices for additional expertise when required. As diverse as our individual backgrounds may be our clients consistently highlight our unique expertise, our commitment to true partnership and our focus on actionable solutions that work in practice.