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Originally published in The National.

The pace of change when it comes to quantum computing is accelerating fast. This is highlighted by Google’s latest quantum computer, which is 241 times more powerful than its 2019 machine. It can instantly make calculations that would take the world’s top supercomputers 47 years to crack.

This is so salient in the region because GCC economies have proved to be open to new technologies in the past decade, from digital currencies to AI, and this is placing them in good stead for the future. But a tech-heavy landscape means new risks that must be considered, including when it comes to quantum computing.

The predictions around quantum computing vary widely, but statistics like this make it clear that it is on the horizon. As such, the need to be prepared is very real, including in the Middle East
Ziad Antoine Nasrallah and Paul Mee, Partners

It isn't yet clear what quantum computing will look like exactly, and when it will take flight, but taking that risk seriously and considering it early is likely to be a move that governments and businesses will not regret.

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