Ziad Antoine Nasrallah
Partner, Cyber Platform Lead IMEA
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Ziad is Oliver Wyman’s cybersecurity expert in the India, Middle East, and Africa region. He has two decades of telecom and digital consulting experience, working specifically in cybersecurity for almost half of that time. His consulting work has spanned the US, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, and parts of Africa.

Ziad has worked to build cybersecurity programmes and security operation centres for top banks and large companies. At a national and governmental level, he has helped to improve the risk management and cybersecurity capabilities of critical national infrastructure.

He notes that cybersecurity is a field in which being anticipatory is of paramount importance. Building strong cybersecurity defensive capabilities across sectors such as financial services, energy and the public sector is crucial for both business continuity and national security.

Increasing digitization means an increasing attack surface for cyber threats – new risks are constantly appearing, and they will continue to. That’s why cybersecurity is so critical today

Ziad lives in Dubai with his wife and their three boys. He finds balance and perspective during his time spent cycling and practicing yoga.