Popular Science: Dave Marcontell On COVID’s Impact On Aviation Fleet

Apr 10, 2020

Dave Marcontell was quoted in a Popular Science articles titled “ The pandemic could shrink the global aviation fleet by nearly 10 percent.”

“By early next year, the global aircraft fleet could be almost 10 percent smaller than it was in January of this year, according to Dave Marcontell, a general manager at Oliver Wyman, a consulting firm with an aviation expertise. That’s the equivalent of parking about 2,500 aircraft—older planes such as 737s, 757s, and 767s. “These aircraft types alone account for 1200 of the expected aircraft to be parked this year, but likely will never return to service,” Marcontell says via email. Also at risk of permanent retirement are A380s and 747-400s, which are “notably younger, but less flexible aircraft,” Marcontell notes. The consulting firm thinks that more than 100 airplanes in that category could be parked for good this year.

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