Bloomberg, Fortune And Financial News Highlight Our Women In Financial Services 2020 Report

Nov 14, 2019

Bloomberg, Fortune and Financial News, among other publications, covered our flagship Women in Financial Services 2020 report.

They highlighted our key finding that the financial services industry is missing out on more than $700 billion a year in revenue by failing to listen to or tailor products for women.

Jessica Clempner, Principal and lead author, was featured on Bloomberg TV, discussing the need to create better financial services propositions. She said: “It’s not about creating products or propositions which are pink or marketed solely towards women. It’s about understanding these unmet needs and as a result creating propositions which are better for customers, both men and women.” Watch the full interview here.

Elizabeth St-Onge, Partner, was also featured on Bloomberg TV, discussing the findings from the report. She said: “The industry is systemically underserving women and not meeting their needs and there is huge revenue opportunity -- $700 billion in potential revenue profit per year – if these firms better served women.  We are talking about legitimate structural differences in the lives of women. They live longer, they are more likely to be single heads of household and they are more likely to take breaks in their careers to take care of families.” Watch the full interview here

The report was also featured in Bloomberg News, Fortune, Financial News, American Banker, Les Echos and Jornal de Negocios.

Discover the full report here.