Oliver Wyman's PlaneStats Featured In Wall Street Journal

May 8, 2019

Data from PlaneStats was featured in a Wall Street Journal Middle Seat Column titled “The Coast-to-Coast Airline Battle Royale.”

The article examines the competition among five airlines serving New York, California and other coastal destinations in high travel season. Airlines are embroiled in a fare war, with the number of seats on transcontinental routes at an all-time high.

For example, the number of seats United flies each week between Los Angeles and Newark jumped nearly 17% this month compared with May 2017, according to consulting firm Oliver Wyman’s PlaneStats database. San Francisco-Newark is up nearly 24%. JetBlue’s seat count is up nearly 16% in that market and Delta 12%, according to PlaneStats.

The number of seats flying across the country in the third quarter last year between Boston, the New York City area and the Washington, D.C., area and airports in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle areas increased 5% from the same period year before, according to Oliver Wyman. The total was the highest ever in Oliver Wyman’s database, which goes back to 1991.

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