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Jeff Youssef
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Jeff, who has built up nearly three decades of operational and consulting experience working with global companies across Brazil, India, Malaysia and the Middle East. As Partner at the firm, he has always been data focused, his work focuses for the most part on the media industry, and to a lesser degree on the public sector.

A born problem solver, he believes that his education and background laid the groundwork for his current role.  “I’ve always enjoyed problem solving. At university, I studied engineering, earning a Masters,” Jeff says. “Later, I worked at Procter & Gamble, which was a very data-focused company.” 

The world is changing fast and trends of the past cannot be relied to help define the future. Clients look to us to think creatively about what could happen and how they can take advantage of it.

In addition to his role in the Media and Public Sector practices, Jeff serves as General Manager of Tri International Consulting Group (TICG), Oliver Wyman’s joint venture with the Kuwait Investment Authority. 

 Clients seek him out forhis reputation as someone who listens to them and helps them when they need it. Beyond seeking strong business results for clients, he believes it is crucial not to just create a strong strategy, but to support execution and drive results for organizations. Rather than imposing a solution on, he sees his role in terms of collaboration. “A big part of my work lies in structuring the problem so that we can find the solution together—and then ensuring our recommendations get done,” says Jeff, who adds that seeing clients do well is the real reward. 

His advice to young people interested in entering the field? “Be interested in continually learning and be tenacious as it may take more than one try to succeed.”