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In the ever-evolving landscape of media consumption, sports content has emerged as a form of entertainment, reaching more than 70% of the population in Europe and the United States. Our report, "New Strategic Plays In Sports For Media", underscores the significance of sports content, recognizing its ability to engage audiences and forge emotional connections with fans across borders. However, despite its widespread popularity and prominence, the sports broadcasting market faces significant challenges, primarily driven by intensified competition and the changing dynamics of investment.

Over the past years, the cost of sports rights has risen significantly, growing at an annual rate of 7% in major leagues in both the US and Europe. This upward trajectory is driven by the demand from new entrants, notably tech giants, which are transforming the industry and turning sports into the latest battleground for streaming platforms.

Exhibit 1: Sports rights inflation
Selected leagues, increase in value of rights, 2012–2023
Sports rights inflation for selected leagues from 2012 to 2023

This report takes an in-depth look at the financial challenges facing both established operators and new entrants to the sports broadcasting market. The aggressive entry of big tech companies, coupled with the inminent risk of losing sports rights, creates a delicate equilibrium for industry players, caught in a balancing act between diminishing margins and escalating costs.

Exhibit 2: Financial profile

Media company keeping its sports portfolio



Media company losing key sports rights


In response to these challenges, the report presents and analyses four alternative strategies that industry players can carefully consider adopting to fortify their market position. These strategies cover a spectrum of approaches, from creating new revenue streams to forming strategic partnerships, expanding beyond the limits of the media landscape, and exploring alternative business models.

Exhibit 3: Alternative strategies for the sports broadcasting market

In navigating the dynamic challenges and opportunities within the sports industry, this report uncovers alternative strategies poised to reshape the landscape. In an era defined by transformative shifts within the sports industry, a measured and proactive approach to these strategies becomes not just prudent, but paramount to extracting incremental value and navigating the intricate landscape of future challenges.