Personalization Underpins Providence’s Digital Strategy


Through identity-driven engagement, Providence aims to gain a deeper understanding of its customers and build a more personalized experience.

Sara Vaezy

2 min read

For Sara Vaezy, digital transformation comes down to a simple goal: knowing your consumers better and effectively serving them.

“Our goal with our digital strategy is to build those connections through enduring relationships with the communities that we serve,” said Vaezy, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Strategy Officer, Providence. “The technical manifestation of that is what we call identity-driven engagement.”

Identity-driven engagement enables the Renton, Wash.-based health system to provide a more personalized experience for patients. Providence does not shoehorn patients into one digital pathway, Vaezy added. If patients want to interact with a person on the phone, that route is available. Similarly, patients wanting to do everything online in a self-service environment have that option. Regardless of the modality, Providence aims to have a deep understanding of a patient’s needs so that when there is an interaction, they are getting the right service at that time.