Intermountain Health Pushing Further Into Value-Based Care


In this podcast, Intermountain CEO Rob Allen details the health system’s commitment to value-based models, as well as efforts to simplify processes for clinicians.

Rob Allen and Dan Shellenbarger

2 min read

Already an established leader in the value-based care movement, Intermountain Health aims to keep pushing the envelope.

“About 37% of our work today is in a value-payment model and in our legacy footprint that's actually 50%,” Rob Allen, CEO of the Salt Lake City-based integrated care delivery system said this Oliver Wyman Health podcast. “We want to intentionally drive that up because we think it's a better long-term model to have the value-based approach.”

Allen talks with Oliver Wyman’s Dan Shellenbarger about ways Intermountain is working to align incentives across multiple stakeholders. They also examine the health system’s efforts to rein in costs and expand access to care in rural communities.

Show Highlights:

It's all about using the payment structure to be able to deploy resource in a different way and go upstream. And we continue to learn how to do that in a more and more effective way.”

“I think 95% of what we're trying to do is actually aligned. We spend way too much time in the 5% that isn't … if we agree on the front end that we're trying to be aligned, that we're actually trying to accomplish similar things, we can find our way to those spaces that are common.”

“We're piloting some things AI related and nurses are reporting more time with their patients, which they love of course.”

“One of the key moves for us is keeping people at home. And with telehealth and the system support, we can keep people at home more than they otherwise were able to because you can get specialists there through telehealth that you couldn't recruit and maintain in a community.”

“Simplification is a major initiative at Intermountain — simplifying for our caregivers and for our patients. And we think the economics actually can follow in a positive way and it increases our opportunity and value.”