What to Expect at the 2020 Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit


Bold new predictions from healthcare leaders about the industry’s most valuable innovations to come.

Charlie Hoban and Shivani Shah

12 min read

Over 300 senior healthcare executives committed to altering the course of healthcare will convene online on October 28 and 29 for our eighth annual Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Summit. This year’s event – Future Truths: Inevitable and Inspiring – comes at a time when healthcare leaders facing big changes seek strategies on how to think, operate, and interact differently.

Some of the industry’s most innovative decision-makers will discuss over these two days what short- and long-term outcomes to expect next for the greater healthcare industry, and how the next decade may unfold regarding the future of work, access, artificial intelligence, home health, mental health, and more.

This year’s Summit is focused on community and bringing people together. Says Sam Glick, Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Health and Life Sciences practice, “While we’re all invested in addressing the pandemic in the near-term, our intention at the Summit is to create the space to step out of ‘triage mode’ and together, create a vision of the future – and explore how our recent experiences will impact the next 10 years.” 

Here’s an overview of what to anticipate from this year’s Summit.

1. Viewpoints on What’s Next for Healthcare from Innovators, Trendsetters, and Frontrunners

A prolific roster of expert speakers will present their industry views in the form of focused executive sessions, deep-dive discussions, and on upcoming episodes of the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast. Topics of conversation and debate throughout the Summit will include mental fitness, social determinants of health, industry reconfiguration, innovation, digital therapeutics, tackling racial disparities, and digital-first health.

The ultimate goal of these executive conversations, debates, and interactive dialogues is to create forums for open dialogue amongst industry peers that will drive lasting industry change.

Here are just a few highlights from our sessions:

  • Chrissy Farr, CNBC.com’s Technology and Health Reporter, will help shape forward-facing conversations on the future of healthcare alongside Mandy Cohen, MD, MPH, Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Together, they’ll share their views on public health and explore why the seemingly simple act of delivering clear communication in a politicized crisis remains a deceptively complex endeavor.
  • Greg Adams, Kaiser Permanente’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and former Senate Majority Leader and Founding Partner of Frist Cressey Ventures, Bill Frist, MD, will share how leaders and their teams can create and maintain innovative momentum amidst ongoing and rapidly evolving industry transformation and uncertainty.
  • Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney and Former US Chief Technology Officer, will discuss what happens when data is in the hands of consumers and data lessons from consumer banking. Tim Spence, Executive Vice President of Banking, Payments, and Strategy at Fifth Third Bank, will connect the unexpected dots between banking and healthcare.
  • Sendhil Mullainathan, a professor of Computation and Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago Booth, will cover how healthcare is evolving to defy long-held status quo mindsets and how to best leverage the greatest new opportunities of tomorrow.
  • Daniel Kraft, MD, Exponential Medicine’s Founder and Chair, Jennifer Schneider, MD, Livongo’s President, Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH, Amwell’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and Fyodor Urnov, Innovative Genomics Institute Scientific Director, will share some new and exciting ways digital health and genomic medicine are becoming less reactive and more active, and how healthcare is finally embracing the importance of proactive medical prevention.
  • Omar Dawood, MD, MPH, MBA, Calm’s Chief Medical Officer and Head of Sales, will discuss how perceptions around mental health and wellness are advancing and evolving.
  • Angela Profeta, PhD, MPH, Chief Strategy Officer of CityMD/Summit Medical Group, will share perspectives on how the delivery system of today will get reconfigured to the delivery system of tomorrow.
  • Ashish Jha, MD, MPH, Brown University School of Public Health Dean, and Ellen Zane, Chief Executive Officer Emeritus at Tufts Medical Center, will encourage attendees to question their current perceptions of what affordability in healthcare really means.
  • Kim Keck, MBA, CFA, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island’s President and Chief Executive Officer, will examine why transitioning over to value-based care is still a seemingly impossible struggle for many leaders and advice on what it may truly take to abandon fee-for-service offerings.
  • The authors of UnHealthcare: A Manifesto for Health Assurance – Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA, President of Thomas Jefferson University and Chief Executive Officer of Jefferson Health, and Hemant Taneja, General Catalyst’s Managing Director – will push the importance of socially responsible innovation as the industry continues to harness digitization, advanced tech, and artificial intelligence.

For more speakers, see our full agenda here.

2. “Inspiration Tours” Will Offer an Inside Look at Industry Innovations

Summit attendees will have an opportunity to take one of four live, behind-the-scenes virtual tours:

CVS® HealthHUB® – Leading this experience will be Jonathan Mayhew, Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer of CVS Health. Aetna and CVS – with a goal to deliver consumer-centric care that fits with a patient’s lifestyle – are working to make healthcare something people can access day and night, weekdays, and weekends. Here, we’ll explore how to make care more seamless and affordable for healthcare consumers.

Good Doctor and Grab – Driving this tour will be Chet Yong, MD, Chief Operating Officer of Good Doctor Technology, and Fei Liong, Head of Projects at Grab Ventures Indonesia. They'll talk about how to offer consumers rich and dynamic patient experiences. They'll also explore what decisions they're making to help transform digital health in Southeast Asia.

Walmart Health Center – This virtual experience will be led by Marcus Osborne, Senior Vice President of Walmart Health. The Walmart slogan about the concept of saving money to live better is at the core of Walmart's business model. Now, Walmart’s looking to expand its healthcare footprint to deliver health services that are both low-cost and high quality. We’ll tour a health center to see what the future of neighborhood health may look like.

Ryman Auditorium – Sugarland guitarist, Thad Beaty, and Annie Clements, bassist with Maren Morris – both healthcare advocates – will offer a tour of Ryman Auditorium, the former home of the Grand Ole Opry, as the basis of discussion around why and how a certain physical space can evoke an emotional response in people. They’ll share how to harness the power of both digital and three-dimensional space to create better healthcare experiences for consumers.

Annie Clements of Maren Morris and Thad Beaty of Sugarland

Check back here on Oliver Wyman Health after the Summit for recaps of these tours.

3. Launch of New Oliver Wyman Research Reflecting New Industry Insights from Our Health and Life Sciences Team

Live from the Summit, we're thrilled to release The Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Journal: Volume 4, an online anthology reflecting the latest collaborative perspectives on an array of topics like the future of climate change, the future of genomics, the future of hospital demand in the US, and the future of remote medical care. We'll also publish this full research after the Summit here on Oliver Wyman Health for our readers. In the meantime, feel free to peruse our 2019, 2018, and 2017 Journal editions.

4. Follow #OWHIC from Wherever You Are

Follow the event live by searching for the hashtag #OWHIC on our Twitter accounts: @OliverWyman and @OWHealthEditor. During the event, read our daily recaps here on Oliver Wyman HealthAlso, in the coming months, we'll publish new podcast episodes highlighting key takeaways and perspectives from the Summit on The Oliver Wyman Health Podcast.