Payer-Provider Partnership Trends and Turning Points


The pandemic may transform the foundation that innovative collaborations are based on.

Tomas Mikuckis, Zhe Yu, MD, MPH, Shyam Vichare, and Maria Chen

5 min read

Editor’s Note: The following article is part of an ongoing series offering our strategic advice and expertise on what healthcare industry stakeholders should do immediately in response to the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Payer-provider partnership launches have leveled off over the past of couple years, with an ongoing focus on deeper collaborations still the norm. 2019 saw 16 launches, 12 joint or co-branded. 2020 so far has seen 22, 20 of which explicitly mention value-based compensation.

The past couple of years have also, however, seen a leveling off activity, style, and approach. Mixed track records of success suggest there’s no formula a model can adapt to achieve big nationwide scale.

COVID-19 may spark the tipping point. The pandemic and its accompanying economic downturn may mean partnerships are built straight from purpose-built solutions – ones tied to buying historically untouched or unconsidered market segments as a springboard for hot innovations to come.

  • Tomas Mikuckis,
  • Zhe Yu, MD, MPH,
  • Shyam Vichare, and
  • Maria Chen